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Tom C Age 43 Database Developer United Kindom

This course makes studying pathetically easy. If every student learnt this, then the colleges and universities would have to make exams considerably harder because every student would be obtaining near 100% every time.

Zachary Seeley, 21, Student, USA

I am honestly stunned. Without a doubt it`s the best investment I`ve ever made.

Kim M, USA; 27; Graphic Designer;

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve themselves and their memory... First I tried Kevin Trudeau`s mega memory course and then stumbled upon your site and decided to give this one a go as well. I wasn`t disappointed! This is FAR FAR FAR ( x 1000000.... ) times better, it doesn`t even compare.

Tired of poor memory and weak attention?

Phenomenal Memory and the ability to memorize everything, including entire books, is considered to be impossible outside of our school. But it is a normal and guaranteed result for every single person we accept for our training.

Watch this short video Testimonial from one of our Students, to learn what is possible when you incorporate the latest breakthroughs and technology in the memory improvement field. The final result, amazingly effective and effortless memorization – Phenomenal Memory.

For years I personally have had real problems with attention and memory. I could hardly keep up with the load of information in college and learning was always a torture. I was easily distracted and it was clear that I had to do something about it.
It took me a while to realize that there was no real help out there. Repetition never worked - I would forget information I had memorized extremely fast and the memorization process itself was a frustrating never ending work without a result.
All the books, CDs and courses on memory improvement were filled with gimmicks and party tricks which could not improve my life or learning abilities in any way. Literally all of them turned out to be a waste of time and money.
After years of research and work with the best in this field I have created something that one of my students called – “The Next Step In Human Evolution” and I fully agree with that.
Now I and all my students who completed the 60 lessons course can memorize any type of information, including entire books. (Yes, I am talking about REAL books, after completing just 60 lessons.)
Ability to memorize entire books is something that is considered to be impossible in our society. Because books consist of ALL possible types of information, - new terms, words, languages, formulas, numbers, dates, illustrations, texts of different types and complexity, i.e. medical texts, law, physics, chemistry, etc. Books are also considered to be impossible to memorize because of the extremely complex structure of information and enormous volume.
Yet, this result is guaranteed for every single person and as solid as getting in shape at a gym.



I have read and studied other methods without lasting success. Some of the authors that I have studied include Harry Lorayne, Dominic O`Brien, Ron White, Dr. Amazing, Tony Buzan, Jonathan Hancock, and others too numerous to mention. I read everything that I can find to achieve my Holy Grail which is a rock-solid and effortless memory.

The reason I believe that I have not been able to stick with the other systems is because they rely too much on "silly associations" and long Chains, or Links. I find that they create a lot of confusion, or interference in my mind. I have tried and given up on trying to recall pages of information for an exam based on these methods because for me, they simply do not work. Some people say it is because I lack imagination, and am generally a dull person, but I dismiss these criticisms!

The Phenomenal Memory makes it possible to memorize an almost unlimited amount of information without the interference caused by silly pictures and long chains required by traditional mnemonic systems. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the acknowledgement that they are not required in Phenomenal Memory, which has been my experience.

Currently, I am studying for a test that is coming up, and am amazed at the speed with which I can do this.

Quite simply, your course is the best that I have found in all my searching, and seems to be the only one that a person can comfortably use for their entire lifetime. I expect with continued practice I will get better and better.

As always, always looking forward to the next lesson.

Thomas Metu, Las Angeles, USA, Financial Manager

How is it possible?
Let’s start with:

Simple Memory Improvement facts you need to know!

1.  You cannot improve your memory:

a.   By reading a book on memory improvement.
b.   By listening to memory improvement CDs or audio tapes.
c.   By watching memory improvement videos.
d.   By attending a seminar on memory improvement.
e.   By taking memory improvement pills or medication.

The whole idea that you can improve your memory by using the above methods is as ridiculous as using them to get in physical shape and build muscles.

Can you lose weight and become a bodybuilder just by reading a book about bodybuilders? Or by watching some videos about them? Or maybe you can become a great dancer by reading a book on dancing?

The only way to lo lose weight and get in physical shape is going to the gym and working out.

The only way to form any practical skill is going though the practical training.

It’s as simple as that; there are no other ways. There are no magic pills; no shortcuts. If you have been told otherwise, you should know that it’s just marketing and lies.

Memory Improvement is no different. It should be based on practical training and mental workout.


"Light Years Ahead"

This course is a real breakthrough in the field of memory techniques, it`s really light years ahead.

I can say that with all my heart because I tried EVERYTHING in the market, including the famous books by Harry Lorraine and Dominic O` Brian, so I know what I am talking about. They are mere toys in comparison."

Marco, 24, Italy


2.  Powerful Memory requires a healthy brain and right nutrition.

The brain uses tremendous amounts of energy and is the most metabolically active organ in the body; it never completely rests. As a result, it has one of the highest rates of free radical production. These free radicals begin to destroy the structure of the brain, its connections and the cells. Unless you replace those damaged parts with nutrients, the brain function starts to fall off more and more.

For example Omega-3 fatty acids are replaced extremely rapidly. If you are deficient in this nutrient your brain begins to change its structure very quickly and soon loses its ability to properly function because one of its vital components is missing. It takes only two weeks of deficiency to produce that.

Americans consume an average of 129 pounds of sugar a year. 57% of it comes from processed foods. For example, teenagers are drinking an equivalent of 54 teaspoons of sugar a day just from soda.

Sugar consumption dramatically increases free radical generation in the brain. It produces cross linking of the proteins in all cells which dramatically increases the damaging effect of these free radicals, making every cell in your body age much, much faster, particularly brain cells. In some extreme cases, it can even result in permanent brain damage.

Research at the University of Connecticut in 1986 by Dr. Jane Goldman showed that sugar, equal to one Coke, produces a significant decline in mental performance. (Students were making twice as many mistakes on tests.)

Lack of Vitamin B-1 in the diet causes memory failure and depression. Consumption of a lot of carbohydrates depletes Vitamin B-1.

Vitamins C, D, E, K, A, B and carotenoids are all associated with brain function.

A study of 260 adults over the age of 60 found links between vitamins C, B-2, B-12, B-9 and concept learning.

Studies found that animal fat impairs ability to learn and remember, but healthy fats, such as Omega-3, improve depression, memory retention and thinking. This is because the brain uses an enormous amount of fatty acids for its membranes.

Aspartame, MSG, pesticides, and herbicides in food; aluminum in deodorants; fluoride in the water; and mercury in vaccines play a major role in brain toxicity and brain function decline. Excessive toxicity destroys brain cells.

What I am trying to show you is that it is almost impossible to get any significant and serious memory improvement when you don’t know what fundamental nutrients your memory and brain need and how these nutrients are related to overall health and foods. Memory Training without this knowledge is pretty much useless.


Incidentally, I think I suffered from lack of B1 and or omega 3 for most of the course. I was struggling with the Memorization Master software until about lesson 22 when I started taking multi vitamins (taking care to look for those nutrients) based on Ruslan`s video lesson. I went from barely being able to remember the numbers to being able to remember the numbers and the thoughts I should be suppressing while encoding literally over night.

Scot H, Mukilteo, Wa, USA


3.  What is memory? How memory works?

If you cut open your brain, you won’t be able to find phone numbers there.

  • So what is memory and how it works?
  • What is happening in the brain when you memorize a phone number?
  • Why do we forget or can’t recall something?
  • What are the main factors of the memorization speed and quality of recall?
  • How long can we store information in the brain and what does it depend on?

Significant memory improvement is virtually impossible if memory mechanisms are not known. We need to know EXACTLY what is happening in the brain on the cell level when we memorize in order to develop an effective and optimal training program.

Unfortunately, memory mechanisms are not known anywhere in the world outside of our school. You cannot find information on how memory really works in medical institutions, universities, psychology and any other fields, or websites. That’s the bottom line.

The only existing memory model that can explain and prove memory mechanisms is the GMS Memory Model created by a Russian scientist. His name is Vladimir Kozarenko. After more than 10 years of scientific research, he managed to fully understand and, for the first time, explain, how memory really works. Now his model is the core of our Phenomenal Memory Course and training.

“Secrets of Phenomenal Memory” E-book, explaining all the memory mechanisms, used to be available to students of the School of Phenomenal Memory only, but now I have decided to make it completely public and free to everyone interested.

If you are interested in real memory improvement you won’t find information more valuable anywhere else. The book consists of 163 pages of real information. This is not a cheap marketing report or short ebook full of BS and nonsense.

Get it while you can because I cannot guarantee that it will be available here tomorrow.

This ebook usually sells for $29.99, and is packed with 163 pages of the most up to date memory improvement information. Discover the amazing truth about how your memory really works...

4.  Mnemonics and other memorization techniques do not work!

Memory is not just a process in the brain. It’s a result of the entire brain’s work. So to dramatically develop our memory we have to dramatically develop the entire brain. We need to have a super powerful attention, dramatically improved thinking speed, and a strong ability to visualize. You cannot memorize huge volumes of information if you can hardly focus for 15 seconds or have ADHD -- even if you know exactly how to do it.

You can learn some dancing moves, but, if you are out of shape, you won’t be able to use them. Dancing is not about isolated techniques or moves. It is about being in great physical shape; it is about feeling the music and dance WITHOUT thinking about moves and techniques. Memorization should be based on the same principles.

Let’s imagine for a second that you have the necessary mental shape to use specific techniques, but there is more to it than that – mnemonics, memorization techniques, and other tricks are useless for real life memorization!

Most of them are out-of-date tricks that require enormous amounts of time and effort to learn, and they still cannot be applied to real life information.

We don’t need to memorize random digits, random words, or playing cards!

  • What we need is to have the ability to memorize entire books, new languages, and other massive volumes of complicated types of information.
  • We need to have a powerful memory to enhance dramatically our ability to learn, retain, and understand information. Then we can enjoy learning and not suffer every time we open a book!
  • We need to have ability to keep information we have memorized for as long as we want, so we never experience the frustration of reading something and forgetting it in just a few days or even hours.
  • Memorization should happen as natural as breathing WITHOUT thinking about techniques or process itself. When we read something we don’t think about techniques; we just receive information into our head. When we memorize, we should just save information into our brain and enjoy the process.
  • In any way, shape or form, it should not be a struggle, enormous work, frustration or pain!

Obviously memorization tricks and gimmicks fundamentally cannot provide that.


"You can memorize anything — and I mean anything"

Mnemonics are nothing new to me. I have studied different techniques for over 20 years with minimal success.

I put a lot of work into learning other mnemonic systems, but for all of the work I put into them, all I could do were a few parlor tricks.

I don’t need nor do I want to memorize a deck of playing cards! I want to memorize textbooks, poems, mathematical formulas, and foreign languages.

None of the other techniques helped me memorize and learn what really counts, so I was a bit cynical when I first learned of this course. I am so glad that I got over my cynicism and gave it a chance.

You can memorize anything—and I mean anything—using the techniques this course teaches you, and you can do it quickly. The best part of it is the more you apply it to your real-life needs, the better and faster you become.

I took educational psychology classes at the same time I started my first lessons, and I can tell you that the principles behind the course are sound.

You get real, terrific results and not the empty claims you see advertised by the competitors. School of Phenomenal Memory provides the most efficient and effective system I have ever come across, and I recommend it highly.

David McKinney, 46, Texas, USA


Now you have a basic understanding about memory improvement and you will never be fooled and mislead ever again with magic pills and products that will never work.


Welcome to the School of Phenomenal Memory!

Ruslan M. Founder.